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December 30, 2016

The Gloss-ary: S is for Superstar


 The Gloss-ary continues with some vital terminology for your beautiful self! Keep checking back for more editions to the gloss-ary, or browse what we already have!


Sage: a general effect attributed to this herb is the promotion of wound healing. Has stimulating, rejuvenating and antiseptic properties.

Salicylic acids: an antiseptic that helps dissolve the top layers of the skin.
Sea Kelp: the ashes of seaweeds, from which iodine is obtained; a large, coarse seaweed or wrack. Skin soother.
Sea Wrack: seaweed cast ashore.

Sesame Oil: a light, emollient oil obtained from sesame seeds.

Selenium: an oral, plant-derived preparation used for its antifungal properties.
Shea butter: an excellent emollient for use in creams, lotions. Alleviates dry skin.
Shiatsu: a Japanese method of massage that uses acupressure.
Slippery Elm Bark: the dried inner bark of ulmus fulva Used for its soothing and softening properties. A product of the North American elm tree.
SPF: Sun Protection Factor. A higher SPF means more protection from the sun.
Sun screen: any substance applied to the skin which screens or protects it from the sun.
Sunblock: a physical sunscreen or a barrier against the sun's ultraviolet rays. Available in creams or ointments.
Superoxide Dismutase: a naturally occurring enzyme that can protect the skin from free radicals, which can cause skin damage.
Surfactants: active agent which allows oil to mix with water.