The Gloss-ary: C is for Couture

July 08, 2016

The Gloss-ary: C is for Couture


 The Gloss-ary continues with some vital terminology for your beautiful self! Keep checking back for more editions to the gloss-ary, or browse what we already have:


Calendula: an emollient said to have healing, soothing and antiseptic properties. Used to treat dry skin.
Callus: an excessive build up of the hard tough layers of skin. Can be removed at-home or by an esthetician.
Candela wax: binds oils and waxes to give body to a formulation. Often used in lipsticks.
Capillary: the smallest type of blood vessel in the body. Spider veins, for instance, are actually small capillaries commonly found on the face or legs.

Cellulite: deposits of fat and other material trapped in pockets beneath the skin.

Ceramides: a natural substance within the skin that reduces natural water loss of the skin by forming a protective barrier. Can also be produced synthetically and added to skin care products.
Chakras: energy centers throughout the body responsible for the condition of your mind, body and spirit.
Chamomile: a clinically proven plant-derived anti-inflammatory. Offers benefits such as soothing skin. Also calms eczema and allergic reactions.
Citric Acid: The same as vitamin C. Used commonly in hair and skincare products. Has astringent and antioxidant properties and also can be used as a preservative.
Citronella oil: antiseptic widely used in soaps and deodorizers. Also has insect-repelling properties.
Clarifying: usually associated with a toner or other solution used after cleansing to maintain proper skin pH.
Collagen: a natural substance within body tissues. It can be injected into the skin to plump up particular areas.
Cortex: the middle layer of the hair shaft.
Creatine: a protein derivative in muscle tissue. Sometimes found in body-building supplements.
Cucumber juice: credited with moisture-binding, soothing and tightening properties.


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