On the Move
April 26, 2024

On the Move

As we wrap up our Health & Wellness month, we're excited to look at some tips to making an active lifestyle more achievable!

  1. Start where you are! The key to long term fitness is setting realistic expectations. Start with activities that won't leave you so sore you can't move the next day. Diving in too big, too fast can set us up for disappointment, which leads to us feeling unsuccessful. Meeting small, consistent goals is what will keep us coming back for more!
  2. Move throughout the day. It is easier to get a little exercise into our days than we think. Multi-tasking can be key here. It might sound silly, but even brushing your teeth can be an opportunity to exercise! Why not run in place, or do some squats, while brushing? Use commercial breaks to do crunches or push-ups. These small amounts of movement all add-up throughout the day!
  3. Grab a friend. You are not the only one out there looking to make healthy changes in your life, chances are, a good friend is too! Going for a walk, or taking a class at the gym with someone else is always more enjoyable. Not only will it pass the time more quickly, but it sets us up for healthy accountability. 

Building healthy habits into our regular routine starts with a mindset for movement. Looking for small opportunities, can turn into big changes over time. Improving our physical health ripples out to benefits in our mental and emotional health as well. So let's get moving together!

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