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The Gloss-ary: L is for Lipstick


The Gloss-ary continues with some vital terminology for your beautiful self! Keep checking back for more editions to the gloss-ary, or browse what we already have:

Lactic Acid: a component of the skin's natural moisturizing factor. Can be used as a caustic in concentrated form.
Lanolin: an emollient with moisturizing properties and an emulsifier with high water absorbing capabilities.
Lavender: evens irregular skin tones, helps reduce acne scars.
Lecithin: naturally occuring phospholipid derived from soybeans. Both water and oil loving, lecithin helps protect the skin and replenish the acid mantle as well as improve the skin's feel after application.

Lemon: natural purifier, astringent and tonic, prevents skin discoloration.

Licorice: treats acne, calms allergic skin.


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