September 07, 2017

The Gloss-ary: V is for Vixen


 The Gloss-ary continues with some vital terminology for your beautiful self! Keep checking back for more editions to the gloss-ary, or browse what we already have!


Vanillin: a natural tanning accelerator that reacts with skin proteins under the influence of heat and light to produce a tan.

Varicose Veins: swollen and dilated veins, usually visible on the legs.
Vitamin A: a fat soluble vitamin. A lack of vitamin A can cause skin to become dry and hardened.
Vitamin C: a water soluble vitamin. A preservative and antioxidant used in cosmetic creams.

Vitamin D: a fat soluble vitamin. Necessary for bone and tooth structure. Formed in the skin on exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin E: an antioxidant often used in deodorants and hair grooming aids.
Vitatan Complex: exclusive tanning technology supplies the skin with moisturizing nutrients to help build a spectacular, golden brown tan.