Q&A: To Shampoo or to Dry Shampoo?

October 12, 2016

Q&A: To Shampoo or to Dry Shampoo?

How often do I need to wash my hair? Are there other alternatives?

OK, so you hit the snooze button just one too many times and you convinced yourself that your hair really didn't need a shampoo. Once you stumbled into your bathroom and faced the harsh daylight of your mirror you realized the error of your dirty hair challenged ways.

What to do? You can resort to the old stand-by ponytail, banana clips or quick chignon bun to hide the evidence of your encroaching greasies. Or, you can try a dry shampoo.

Dry shampoos gently refresh your hair without washing. Quickly renew your hair without shampooing. In minutes, your hair is fresh and clean again. Instant cleanser. Refreshes your hair without washing. No water necessary. In an instant, you're renewed to the roots.  


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