Q&A: Combination Skin Savior

September 02, 2016

Q&A: Combination Skin Savior

I have combination skin and have been struggling to keep up with it. What can I do to keep my skin clear?

If you think that you're the only one with a face that's partly oily and partly dry, think again. You've got combination skin and there are several ways to care for you skin without damaging other parts of it. 

Cleanse: Use a mild cleanser on your entire face up to twice a day.

Moisturize: Use a good moisturizer on the dry areas only.

Balance: Look for toning products that normalize your skin, such as those that contain alpha hydroxy acids or the vitamin A derivative retinols.

Control: Use oil-absorbing makeup on oily areas to control shine.

Protect: Use a sunscreen daily (mimimum SPF 15).

Just remember these five tips and your skin should be glowing and gorgeous in no time!



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