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October 28, 2016

How-tology: Instant Glam with False Lashes

Faking IT?

If you've been hassling with mascara to get the Twiggy look, you probably realized you aren't doing a very good job. Not even Maybelline Great Lash and a hydraulic curler will get you to the place you need to be to have glamorous, Marilyn Monroe bedroom eyes. False eyelashes are the way to go.

 Strip IT? 

This type of lash comes in a long, narrow strip. You can pick them up at your local drugstore or favorite beauty haunt. Be forewarned however, these can look garish and harsh if applied incorrectly or if you choose a brand that is poorly manufactured. We have a great line of Ardell strip lashes that are just the ticket.

Separate IT?

This type of lash comes in a package of individual lashes. Each cluster piece is individually applied. This takes a little more time and expertise, but the look is always 'au-natural'. 

Choose IT?

Decide what look you’re seeking. A strip of false eyelashes are excellent for going clubbing or for an evening of glitz. For a more subtle look apply a few lashes to the outside corners of your eyes. Can't decide which is right for you? False lashes are inexpensive enough to purchase a set for your every whim! 

Use IT?

Choose a color that complements the occasion. For evening, stick to black, which adds drama without requiring mascara. You brighten them up with colored mascara in shades of blue of green. In the daytime, go dark brown or light brown for a natural look.

Check their length. Full lashes should follow the natural line of your own lashes. Many false lashes are too long so you might want to trim them a bit.

Begin with clean eyes, no makeup. Hold the lashes in your hand and apply a very thin line of glue or adhesive along the base; let it sit for 1 minute. Only use a minimal amount of glue, you can always add more if needed.

Apply the false lashes above your eyelashes, as close to your lash line as possible, following the natural curve. Adjust the lashes with a tweezers.

If you’re using individual lashes, place them at the outside corners of your upper lashes one or two should be sufficient. Adjust their position with tweezers.

Remember: practice makes perfect. Don`t panic if you can`t get them right first time.  Pretty soon you`ll be able to apply them in your sleep!

Don't sleep in your false lashes. Remove them with eye make-up remover or a bit of petroleum jelly. Never pull the lashes from your lids, as you may pull your own lashes out or rip your skin.  Ouch!