Get lost in the aromas of Fall - BeautyOfASite
September 03, 2020

Get lost in the aromas of Fall

We're waking up to crisp mornings and the first few leaves have taken on a golden hue. There is something so inviting about the Autumn season, and we are ready to share some of our favorites from our Fall Collection with you!

If you are like us, we cannot get enough of the aromas of Fall. We give you permission to get lost in two of our must have scents, Simmered Cider and Pumpkin Dulce.

The Thymes Simmered Cider Collection brings a spicy warmth steeped in tradition to your home. Blending hints of bourbon and freshly-pressed apples, mulled with crushed clove and cardamon, this is a lively scent we keep coming back to. Explore the full collection of candles, wax melts, and room sprays here.

Capri Blue's Pumpkin Dulce indulges your senses with creamy rich notes of white pumpkin, sweet gingersnap and whipped vanilla. Shop their collection of gorgeous vessels to compliment your Fall decor here.

Want to see more of our Fall Favorites? Browse our extended collection here.