March 19, 2011

Embrace Spring!

Congratulations, readers, you've made it!  March 20th marks the first day of Spring 2011. Embrace the new season with Beauty of a Site!

1. Wear Green

Zoya Gemma

The most prominent sign of the new season is the hints of green popping up all over the country. Whether for your favorite St. Patty's day party or just for celebrating the season, green celebrates new growth and new chances.  It's an essential part of your wardrobe! Try Zoya's Gemma for a chic green hue.

2. Welcome Florals

Fragrances of Spring

More than any other season, Spring has its very own smell. Even before the flowers start blooming, get rid of winter's musty smell with fresh florals of your own! Choose Kai's Room and Linen spray for hawaiian-inspired freshness, or this lily-scented Springtime Tulips candle from Aunt Sadie!

3. Bring on the sun!

St. Tropez Everyday Tan

Warmer weather, short sleeves and flip flops are not far off. Prepare your skin for the challenge: scrub up, moisturize and bring on the bronze! We suggest Cake's Soothing Sugar Scrub, Get Fresh Rich Body Creme and at home tanning from St. Tropez.