All Nighter All Over Shimmer Powder - Featured in Us Weekly!

May 31, 2012

A Beautiful Life All Over Shimmer Powder

Try this new versatile All Over Shimmer Powder by All Nighter! This is an all-natural highlighter for your hair, face, and body! This unique, multi-purpose loose powder is formulated with silk, rice, and minerals - gently scented with just a touch of cinnamon! The ">Shimmer Powder™ adds a champagne glow to eyes, cheekbones, shoulders, decollete for a bit of sparkle and bronze radiance! This powder comes in an easy to use sifter jar! Great for all skin tones and types, just brush on and go!

We think having a date, going to work, or plain just looking fabulous is reason enough for this compact, easy to use multipurpose shimmer powder! Renee Zellweger's colorist uses this powder along the actresses hair line to give a temporary sun kissed look to her face and strands of hair!

We understand that sometimes the sun does not evenly tan on our bodies. So we offer up beauty secrets such as this to give a slight sparkle and sweep of bronze to even out those areas that are not as tan or areas we want to flaunt, such as our face, eyes and cheek bones! This is not just for the celebrities anymore! Available now, start shopping!

A Beautiful Life All Nighter Hair Powder

Shop All Nighter Hair Powder too! The ULTIMATE all natural hair powder / dry shampoo / styling product to build volume, absorb excess oil, freshen hair and extend your blowout. It gives body to limp, lifeless hair and eliminates the need for excessive shampooing. It gives matte texture and awesome volume and body. The ALL NIGHTER Styling Powder is effective on squeaky clean hair and really works wonders on hair that is 2nd or 3rd day between washings! Shake on, scrunch and be on your way looking fabulous! ($18.00 per powder).

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