February 08, 2017

Valentine's Shop: Gifts for Lovers

Welcome to BeautyOfASite's Valentine's gift spotlight week on the BeautyOfASite blog! This week our blog posts will feature our favorite Valentine's gifts. Today's feature is all about gifts for lovers. Check out our spotlights below and be sure to visit the Valentine's Shop for more.  

Booty Parlor

Booty Parlor's helps get the romance going with decadent bubble baths, delectable lotions, and soothing massage oils. We love the play in their fragrances with "flavors" like Chocolate Honey, Strawberry Kiss, and Vanilla Honey Chai. Booty Parlor is definitely a fun and flirty line. Shop Booty Parlor here.

Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra goes for intensity with bold scents, luxurious massage oils and more. You can go tropical Coconut Pineapple or dive into the richer scents like Tahitian Sandalwood and Sweet Almond. Their Pure Heart Kit gives you the full sampling, featuring their massage oil, creamy body whip, and body dusting powder. We also love their unique massage oil candles. Kama Sutra is definitely what your looking for if you walk on the wild side. Shop Kama Sutra here.