Sugar vs. Salt: The Scrub Wars - BeautyOfASite
February 23, 2009

Sugar vs. Salt: The Scrub Wars

So you’re staring at the shelf wondering which would be better for my skin – a salt or sugar scrub? What’s the difference?

Well, let’s start with the fact that both sugar scrubs and salt scrubs are used as a skincare exfoliate and you must pay special attention to the size of the granules in each.

Sugar scrubs tend to have smaller, finer granules creating a gentler exfoliate which is recommended for those of you who have sensitive skin or suffer from topical skin conditions. Salt scrubs on the other hand, have much larger granules and contain sea salts that serve as natural purifiers as well as a hydration simulator.

Despite your choice in sugar vs. salt, we recommend that you always use your scrub on freshly cleansed, damp skin to optimize your results and capitalize the ingredients effectiveness.

Either way, we LOVE Skin an Apothecary products. They have both a Salt Scrub and a Sugar Scrub in TONS of different scents. Or see other body scrubs here!

Which do you prefer and why – let us know!