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November 09, 2016

Q&A: The Quickest Dry In Town

I love freshly painted nails, but always end up smudging them on the first day. Is there a way to speed up the drying process?

Even the quickest manicurist can't speed up polish drying time without help. Their newest deputy? Fast-drying top coats shave minutes off drying time, fortify polish and add high-gloss shine.

Salon clients see how fast they work and how shiny their nails look, then want to use them at home. Whether they're air, heat, or UV-light activated fast-drying top coats dry in 45 to 60 seconds. A simple 60-watt bulb is sufficient for heat-activated top coats to work their evaporation magic, while air-activated top coats need no help at all.

Unlike a base coat, which adheres to the nail and provides a bond between the natural nail and the polish to help the polish stick, top coats only have to adhere to the polish. This means top coats can make better use of chemicals such as nitrocellulose and resin, that create strength and shine.

Fast-drying top coats contain a higher proportion of solvents which evaporate quickly when exposed to air, allowing them to dry faster than polish and base coats. Since top coats only accelerate the drying time of the top-most layer of polish, for maximum effectiveness, ensure the first coat of polish is dry before applying the second layer, which is covered by a top coat.