Q&A: Flaunt Your Right Red Shade - BeautyOfASite
September 26, 2016

Q&A: Flaunt Your Right Red Shade

How do I choose a good red lipstick that works with my complexion?

Whether it was faked on or baked on, your summer tan took work. Don't blow that glow - flaunt it with the right red. This season's new crop of reds are sheerer and more wearable than ever before. Here's a basic way to choose the right shade for you.

Reds really come in two tones, warm reds and cool reds. If you have medium skin choose warm orange-red lipsticks like crimson. They tend to warm up lighter skin. If you have olive or dark skin look for blue-red lipsticks. Those with a purple-pink or fuchsia effect. These shades are especially dramatic and will set off darker complexions beautifully. And remember - anyone can wear red, just give it a try!