Q&A: Easy Tips for Beautiful Lashes - BeautyOfASite
December 12, 2016

Q&A: Easy Tips for Beautiful Lashes

What are some of your tips for applying mascara and curling lashes?


1. First, curl lashes with one firm squeeze of a lash curler.

2. Dip the mascara wand into the tube just once for both upper and lower lashes. More, and you'll load too much mascara onto the wand. Note: If your lashes always look gloppy, use a tissue to wipe excess mascara from the brush before applying.

3. Working from the outer corner inward, place the brush at the lash base and sweep upward to the tips. To minimize clumping, use as few strokes as possible. (It's unnecessary to do the topside of lashes.)

4. For lower lashes, hold the wand vertically and sweep lashes from side to side with the tip of the brush. Or for a face-brightening look, skip lower lashes altogether.

You can create an eye-widening effect by applying a second coat of mascara to upper lashes' outer corners.