February 21, 2017

New at BeautyOfASite Feeling Smitten!

Everyone loves a good bath bomb to unwind after a stressful day, but Feeling Smitten takes it to the next level. The Feeling Smitten team got their start in 2007 in Tacoma, Washington, and have been whipping up sweet bath treats ever since. From their signature cupcake bombs to other confectionery bath concoctions, we love the whimsy that comes with every fizz. Feeling Smitten was a hot seller for us this Valentine's Day and we hope you guys continue to love it like we do!

Cupcake Bath Bombs

Feeling Smitten is known and loved for their delectable cupcake bath bombs. They are cleverly "baked" so the “cake” portion of the bomb fizzes and softens bath water, while the “frosting” acts as a sugar scrub you can use to exfoliate your skin. How sweet is that!

Shower Truffles

Ready for some steam? Feeling Smitten Shower Truffles are aromatic shower steamers for when you need some extra relaxation. Place the truffle on your shower floor, and the heat from the water will release the truffle’s essential oils for a sauna-like aromatherapy experience.


Gifts and Kits

Can't decide and want to try a little bit of everything? Feeling Smitten does gift sets too! Try the Feeling Smitten Valentine's Day Travel Gift Set, which features a Sweet Heart Mini Cupcake Bath Bomb, Sugar Brulee Hand Cream, and Sweet Heart Gelato Sugar Scrub. Or if you really just want the cupcakes, try the Feeling Smitten Valentine's Day Limited Trio Set that has all the special edition cupcakes released this Valentine's Day!