September 12, 2017

What a Colorful Personality

 What's your shade? Is it mostly a seasonal taste preference?  Or does it stem from something inside?

In the winter companies have you craving for metallic colors, and dark, frosty browns. In the spring it's pastels, In the summer it's frosty light colors and in the fall it's mattes and browns. But it's mostly personal preference and your personality. Colors say more about your personality than you know. To you it's just "oh, that's a great color," but in fact, leading color experts claim that those "great colors" you savor reveal pieces of the inner you that you may not even be aware of....

 Get the Color Look:

 Red (America), Orange (Jancyn), Yellow (Piaf), Green (Holly), Blue (Tart), and Purple (Dannii). All the colors featured are by Zoya!