March 06, 2017

Late to Class Make-Up 101: Easy Everyday Make-Up

Late to Class Make-Up 101: Easy Everyday Make-Up Routines

Back to school means "back to being busy" for many of us. Parents, students, teachers and co-workers all know that when Fall comes in, our free time seems to fly out the window.  When your beauty routine is running under a seriously crunched schedule, try this super easy and super quick everyday make-up routine to look great in 5 minutes or less!

  1. Start with a pigment matching tinted moisturizer. A moisturizer and translucent foundation all in one, tinted moisturizer covers imperfections without a need for concealer, and looks totally natural, giving your skin the perfect everyday glow.  Apply like moisturizer- no applicators or sponges needed!
  2. Follow with a bronzing powder for just a little bit of natural color on your cheeks. Simply brush on your cheek bones for just a touch of color on your way out the door.
  3. Apply mascara. Don't skip the mascara! Any on the go lady will tell you that nothing makes a woman look more polished than wearing a little bit of eye makeup. Blinc's tube-style mascara applies easily- in one coat!- and won't smudge or budge all day long, but washes off easily at night or in the shower.  It simply slides off your lashes- just like tubes! Apply more heavily at the base, and alleviate the need for an eyeliner. Quick as can be!
  4. Slap on some moisturizing lip balm. Especially for everyday sorts of things, the natural color of your lips is perfect. Enhancing it with a little moisture in the morning sets off the natural color of your lips flawlessly.