March 20, 2014

Huge and Revolutionary New 10 Day NO Chip Nail System!

NiMi Nicola Milan Nail Care

Nicola Milan, otherwise called NiMi for short,  has made a brand new product that can give you that PERFECT 10 Day NO CHIP Manicure.....all from the comforts of your own home, and for less than the cost of a salon mani!! This is the first ever 10 Day No Chip Top Coat that does not require a UV light and this is all natural so it will not harm your nails! 

This system will only take you a short 20 minutes to complete your entire manicure, start to finish!!  Talk about saving time!  And the best thing is it will last up to 10 days, with no chips or smudges. Here is how to get that perfect Manicure!

Step 1: Use Nimi Prepare Polish

To ensure a long lasting manicure and/or pedicure treatment. With its dehydrating properties, Nimi Prepare quickly removes any excess oil and unwanted moisture allowing a secure surface to apply.

Step 2: Use NiMi Ultra Adhesive Base Coat

This is a strong adhesive formula that is essential to achieving the 10 day manicure and/or pedicure. This secure bonding creation helps seal the color on and provides a layer of protection against staining to minimize a superior finish. NiMi specialized base coat is designed to grip to any nail lacquer of your choice and promotes healthy  and sustainable growth to the natural nail.  Let us say that again.....USE ANY of your favorite polishes....any brand!!

Step 3:  Polish

Apply any color polish to your liking.  Be sure to apply first coat and wait 3-5 minutes, quickly followed by a second coat.  Allow that to dry for 3-5 minutes also, before applying the last step top coat.

Step 4:  Use NiMi No Chip Top Coat

This will lock in your color. This Ultra fast drying top coat delivers the ultimate high shine finish making your nails look sensational. With its long lasting wear ability, this is the most durable top coat that eliminates the need for harsh gel polishes and keeps your  nails strong and healthy for ten days . Our No Chip Top Coat formula easily needs to air dry and in just minutes you are going to love it! This is also easily removable with any quality nail polish remover!!

So there you have it....easy, affordable and completely REVOLUTIONARY!!  We know this is going to be such a great product!  Be sure to get your NiMi now! nimi nicola milan