How-tology: Mix It Up - BeautyOfASite
December 28, 2016

How-tology: Mix It Up

Rather than trying to source out the perfect styling aid for your hair, we suggest taking a few of your tried and true favorites to custom-blend your own formulation.


Moisturizing Gel: for light, natural hold
  • Leave In Conditioner (half-dollar-sized dollop)
  • Gel  (quarter-sized dollop) 
Frizz Tamerto fight flyaways
  • Silicone serum (half-dollar-sized dollop)
  •  Leave-in conditioner (dime-sized dollop)
Styling Creamfor volume and hold
  • Leave-in conditioner (half-dollar-sized dollop)  
  • Gel (quarter-sized dollop)
  • Silicone Serum (dime-sized dollop)
Blow-Dry Lotionfor smooth, shiny looks
  • Silicone Serum
  • Leave-in conditioner (in equal parts) 
Pomadeto define ends and control short pieces
  • Gel
  • Silicone serum (in equal parts) 
Texturizerto pump up hair
  • Gel (half-dollar-sized dollop)
  • Leave-in conditioner (quarter-sized dollop)
  • Silicone serum (dime-sized dollop)