May 02, 2017

How-tology: Manicure Terms Explained

Want that perfect manicured look, but don't know what a nail builder is? We got you! There are a lot of terms and products out there, so let us help you out:


Top coat: A liquid sealer that is applied over the nail polish that will minimize chipping or cracking of the nail. Any clear nail polish can be used as a top coat or sealer. On natural nails, a clear coat can be used every day for seven days to give the nail protection and keep the moisture in.

Base coat: Clear polish that is painted on the nail under the color polish to ensure a smooth finish and to prevent staining of the nail. Just like top coat, any clear nail polish can be used as a base coat.
Nail hardener: For thin, weak nails. Triple strength polymers, formulated with calcium and protein, form a protective shield to increase nail thickness for maximum reinforcement.
Nail strengthener: For dry, brittle nails. Triple strength polymers, formulated with an amino acid complex and protein, add flexibility for break-resistant nails. Vitamin A, D & E enriched to combat dryness.

Nail growth builder: For normal nails. Triple strength polymers, formulated with keratin and panthenol, protect and nourish nails for longer, faster growth. 

Nail revitalizer: For damaged nails. Revitalizing complex enriched with double strength proteins to restore nails to a normal healthy condition. Sometimes referred to as a Protein Formula.
Nail enamel: Refers to a type of paint that forms a hard, glossy surface when dry.
Nail lacquer: A solution of nitrocellulose and celorarts with resins and plasticizer to promote gloss and adhesion.
Cuticle therapy oil: For dry irritated cuticles. Botanical, natural oil complex contains chamomile and aloe extract to soothe and condition cuticles. Daily use promotes healthy cuticles and helps eliminate nail ridges and dry, brittle nails.
Cuticle treatment: Massage cream for all cuticles liposome deep penetrating and conditioning formula nourishes cuticles with vitamins A, C & E plus panthenol. Natural oils and fatty acids add emolliency to keep cuticles soft and smooth and restore nail elasticity.
Polish remover: A nitrocellulose solvent, usually acetone or ethyl acetate. Use to remove nail polish from nails.