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August 02, 2016

How-tology: Dark Eyes No More

If you've tried every kind of cover stick, cream, gel, and powder to cover the dark circles under your eyes, but still look like a raccoon. Don't worry, we'll show you how to send those bags packing!

When covering under eye circles, keep three things in mind: color, consistency, and technique.







Too light a concealer will exaggerate the problem, making the area look as if something was covered up and creating the raccoon look you're talking about.


Choose a shade that is no more than one or two shades lighter than your skin color, and always avoid white. For those with darker skin, choose yellow-based concealers (try those from Urban Apothecary), which will counteract the blue in dark circles.


Creamy concealers are the best. Since they won't cake or pull at the delicate eye area. Urban Apothecary's Correct & Reflect stick utilizes properties that reflect light away from the darker areas of the skin while at the same time providing coverage.


An easy to use trick is mixing a bit of face lotion and concealer in the palm of your hand. Gently tap the mixture on the area under the inner eye only, allowing the heat of your finger to blend the concealer into your skin.


The good news is, early research suggests that vitamin K, which has been used to diminish the appearance of bruises, can help to fade undereye circles. Try eating more leafy vegetables, cheese and liver. Vitamin K is also found in asparagus, coffee, bacon and green tea.