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November 11, 2016

How-tology: 9 Tips for Healthy Hands & Feet

Want the healthiest hands and feet you can possibly get? Creative Nail Design passes on these top tips to keep nails and skin looking—and feeling beautiful.


Never cut cuticles. They act as a seal to the nail bed and protect against infection. Use a cuticle cream (Creative Nail, Solar Balm) daily to keep them moisturized and try gently pushing them back in the shower with a washcloth.

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Don’t use a nail file that is too coarse for your nails. Natural nails need a gentle file. Save harsher files for shaping enhancements and wraps.

Always use an acetone polish remover. It’s the most effective solvent to completely remove pigment from the nail. If you are worried about dryness, try adding a few drops of Solar Oil to the remover. Shake well before using.

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Use a top coat with UV protectors, to filter the sun’s rays and prevent enamel from fading or yellowing. Especially when wearing a French manicure or a pale nail color, look for a top coat with a blue or purple tint, which indicates that it contains optical brighteners.

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Always be sure to wash the nail of all excess oils and residue left behind by polish remover or cuticle oils before applying new polish to prevent peeling and chipping.

Get regular pedicures, even during the winter. Feet require regular care and preventative attention, as their moist environment promotes faster growth of bacteria and other pathogens.

Smooth calluses, don’t remove them!


Keep toenails rounded. Squared-off nails are more prone to infections and ingrown nails.


Don’t sleep with socks on—feet will remain damp through the night which increases the risk of infection (or worsens any existing infection).