How-tology: 4 Bold Bangs Looks - BeautyOfASite
September 28, 2016

How-tology: 4 Bold Bangs Looks

Forget those bowl-cut wisps you wore way back when! Today's bangs are downright stylish! Below, some of our favorite options:


 Piece-y or razor-cut bangs

Multi-layered, with the longest strands hitting midway down your forehead.

Good For:  Symmetrical faces and petite features.




Tapered bangs

Extend about an inch above the bride of the nose and angle down the sides of your face.

Good For: Most face shapes and hair types.




Wide bangs

span the width of your face, from temple to temple.

Good For: People who are confident about revealing plenty of profile.




Long bangs

These should dangle right below your eyebrows.

Good For: Long foreheads or noses; this length shortens your features.