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April 30, 2010

Gifts to Make Mom Smile

Mother's Day is a particularly emotional and wonderful part of the year for me. Not yet being a mother myself, Mother's Day still very much makes me thankful for my wonderful mother. After spending a half an hour reading every card I could find at the grocery store, I decided to show her how special she was, with a few less words. Whether the woman in your life is a busy mom of five, a beloved parent figure or a dear friend, mothers everywhere deserve a little pampering on this wonderful holiday.

Pick out a gift that does all the talking

Help her pamper herself...

  • ... with a pedicure.
    Chasing toddlers, running around the office or working on her garden, she probably needs to give her peds some loving attention. Principessa's Perfetto Pedicure Deluxe Pedicure Set includes Principessa's luxurious and oh-so-effective foot balm, along with the files, buffers and moisturizing accessories she needs, all gift wrapped in a beautiful pink box. (Shop pedicure supplies here)
  • ... with aromatherapy
    You might not be able to send her away to her favorite vacation spot, but you can help to renew her mind and calm her spirit with just the right blend of essential oils. Skin An Apothecary's hand-mixed formulas feature unique fragrance blends that are designed to indulge, excite, calm or sooth.  Explore all of their unique aroma blends here. (Shop Skin An Apothecary here).
  • ... with ageless skin.
    A woman's confidence and energy often come from her feeling beautiful. Help the cherished woman in your life to keep looking as young as she feels, every day. Help her indulge in professional Hale Cosmeceuticals skincare that will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, infuse a health glow and give her face a lift. (Shop Hale Cosmeceuticals Facial in a Bag here).