November 06, 2009

Dry Shampoo Is Legit! Try BlowPro Faux Dry.

Blow Faux Dry Dry Shampoo

The perfect excuse to let your hair go that second day: Blow Faux Dry Dry Shampoo.  Absorbing oil and adding volume, Faux Dry eliminates second day greasy hair on contact.  With every use, Faux Dry helps to extend your hair an extra day, effectively "shampooing" it without the need for water. You call it a miracle product.

So... how do you use it?

Make sure the cap is shut and shake it well with each use.  Hold the bottle about 8 inches away from your hair and open the cap. Once turned upside-down, the super-smart spout will pour controlled amounts of a fine powder onto your hair. Apply along roots in about four sections of hair and massage into your scalp. Comb your hair as usual to move the product through the length of your hair (for more volume- work through hair with fingers). And voila- hair style day two. No washing needed.  :)

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