Holiday Manicure Ideas: All That Glitters...

November 28, 2011

Glitter Manicure Ideas

...Isn't always gold. Sometimes it's pink, silver, red, green or even multi-colored. 'Tis the season for parties and fun, and what better way to add some spunk to your mani than to use the season's hottest trend?

Here's three different ways to wear your glittery polish:

  • Rock the single finger trend and give only your ring fingers that extra sparkle. Stay in the same color family or try a bold silver or gold.
  • The single stripe. Paint your nails in a neutral to semi-neutral color and use a fun glitter polish to paint one vertical stripe on each finger. For a little more pizzazz try the stripe in an off-center position.
  • The glitter french manicure is oh-so-chic for this holiday season! Choose your favorite color and do a "french tip" in a coordinating glitter. It's simple and fun!

Lucky for you, we have all the latest collections from OPI, Essie LuxEffects and Zoya in stock now!

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