Introducing the Good Home Co.

March 04, 2016

Ready for a revelation in laundry fragrance? Skip the regular detergents and enjoy the naturally refreshing fragrances of the Good Home Co. lavished on your clothing! Here at, we now carry the Good Home Co. signature Pure Grass fragrance. Here's how the Good Home Co. describes this scent:

"The delights of a summer day and the smell of freshly cut grass are captured in our Pure Grass® fragrance. It is the scent of a weekend drive in the countryside, with the windows rolled down and the sweet breeze of summer is coming through." 

Enjoy the Good Home Co. selection of laundry detergents for high efficiency machines, sheet sprays, drawer sachets, and more!


About the Company

The Good Home Co. was founded by Christine Dimmick in 1995, after she had left her 20-year career as a Fragrance Designer in New York City. Christine had a passion for scents, but also for creating specialty hand soaps in her free time. She soon discovered that her hobby when combined with her expert fragrance knowledge had a potential market, while there is great craft that goes in fragrances for the body, there was a lack of fine fragrances for the home. Thus the Good Home Co. was born. Whether its kitchen soap or laundry detergent, each Good Home Co. product is mindfully crafted and must live up to a three-tiered set of standards:


  • Responsible Ingredients
    The Good Home Co. recognizes its role to create products that are natural for the customer and non-damaging to the environment. Biodegradable, vegetable based, and phosphate-free ingredients are used whenever possible in their cleaning products.
  • Lasting Fragrance
    The Good Home Co. was founded on an attention to fragrance not common to home use products. Essential oils are used in many Good Home Co. scents because of their potency, natural benefits, and quality. The Good Home Co. has six signature scents, check them out here and let us know your favorites.
  • Quality Craftsmanship
    The Good Home Co. values quality ingredients and fragrances, but the products must have effectiveness in day to day use. Each hand soap is made to clean and soften skin, and each detergent cleans with care. The Good Home Co. also makes their products in the USA to support the local economy.


We couldn’t be more excited for this new line, take a look through their collection right here!

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