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November 04, 2015

NEW ARRIVAL - Skin An Apothecary Releases Newest Scent, Iris

I rave about Skin, An Apothecary every chance I get!!  I've gotten so many friends and family members hooked on the luxurious soy body whip that I can't keep track!!

All of their scents are lovely....but I am especially fond of the newest release, Iris.

In honor of Skin, An Apothecary’s 25th birthday, they named the newest aroma blend after the companies owner, Iris Goldflies.

 It’s a warm, feminine blend of iris petals and purple freesia, chased by a hint of fresh,  green pear and made just a bit moody by the addition of amber and patchouli.  

Feminine with a dark side, so they say!!  Who doesn't love that for a tag line! 

I love the fact that the scent is subtle and not as strong as some of the other aroma blends.  If you have been waiting for a light, warm inviting scent....this is perfect for you. 

The Soy Body whip is a decadent treat for your skin, that leaves skin hydrated and glowing.  The blend of Vitamin C, soy and coconut oil, will infuse your skin with nutrients and moisture. 

Check out the body washes and sugar glow scrubs available from Skin, An Apothecary as well....they also are wonderful and make the perfect gift!