Tanning in the Shower? Get the newest, hottest product in Self Tanning

September 03, 2015

So, you may have gotten a sample in your Birch Box, or maybe you've seen the ads and heard the hype about St. Tropez's newest product release the Gradual Tan In Shower. ($28)

This product is revolutionary in the fact that you can literally get tan, while in the shower!!  Simply do your normal routine.....suds, shampoo, shave, sing, whatever, but then your last step is to apply the tanning lotion to damp skin.  Now comes the hard part--you MUST wait 3 minutes before rinsing the stuff off.  So for 3 minutes why not decompress from your day, do a mini workout, practice that breathing technique from yoga!!  However you choose to spend your 3 minutes is totally up to you!!  

After rinsing, simply pat dry and watch your skin get a nice, natural tan.  This is "gradual" so remember that it builds as time goes on.  Also, the more often you apply it, the darker your tan will look.  We have also noticed it works really well on fair complected people.  Those sun worshipers in our office, did not see a huge difference, because their base tan was already well established.

The St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower also has a nice light fragrance that is not your typical tanning scent.  It was pleasant to wear, and my husband even noticed I had a "new smell" (typical man terms for ya!) is one of the first online retailers to have this product in stock...and they are flying out the door!  Be sure to get yours while we have a special early bird sale price of $28.  

Tried this product??  We would love to hear what you think...leave your review HERE

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