How-tology: Fixing Make-Up Misshaps - BeautyOfASite
June 24, 2016

How-tology: Fixing Make-Up Misshaps

The road to achieving that crisp cat-eye or that perfectly bold lip is not always pretty. We're human, mistakes happen and sometimes your need a redo. We have got you covered with these four easy tips to recovering makeup mishaps in a pinch!


 A splotch of mascara falls off the wand onto your newly made-up face.

Dab the end of a Q-tip into some foundation. Making sure not to drag the skin, pat the tip onto the stain with a light, twisting motion. Repeat if necessary, using the other end. Dust over the area with translucent powder. 


You've sneezed before your mascara is dry! Now you look like a raccoon.

Follow the same procedure as above but this time you'll need to re-apply your eye shadow over the newly applied foundation. Be careful not to apply too much or else it will 'cake'.



Smudged lip liner/lipstick.

If the smudge is really obvious, you'll need to use a cleanser or makeup remover to erase the damage. For precision, use a Q-tip rather than a cotton ball - and above all avoid rubbing! Re-apply foundation to the area in question, dust with powder, then re-apply lipstick. 



Your eye shadow has become all creased and caked.

Remove the thick lines of shadow with a Q-tip. Dust eyelid with translucent powder before re-applying your shadow. To avoid this in future, apply small dots of foundation on the entire eye area and dust with translucent powder before applying eye color. Lids tend to cake and crease when the skin is too moist or oily.