The Six Basic Make-Up Brushes You Need

June 13, 2016

The Six Basic Make-Up Brushes You Need

The trick to getting the right look with make-up often depends upon the tools you use. There is a huge amount of brushes, sponges, and applicators available and that can be a bit overwhelming. Getting your basics that you will use every day can be hard when faced with too many options. We took the liberty to narrow down the tools you really need for some seriously flawless make-up into 6 categories.


This brush is a true multitasker. The smooth, compact bristles allow for even application of powder and liquid based foundation. Size determine precision, so a smaller version is great for concealing while medium to large brushes are better for your general coverage. If you often use liquid or cream foundation this brush is kind of optional, there’s no better tools than your hands.

Cover with: Antonym Foundation Brush($22) 

 Conceal with: Antonym Concealer Brush($14)Tigi Concealer Brush($15)



This brush is great for applying blush or finishing powders to your face. Look for a loose bristle structure with a soft, rounded shape. The shape and lightness allows for even application of product that can be easily layered (a must for a natural flush of blush!). Use a smaller brush for blushes and loose powders, and the larger Kabuki model for all over coverage. 

Cover with: Antonym Kabuki Brush($24)Antonym Powder Brush($30), TIGI Powder Brush($26)




Contouring is based on the principle of creating angles with high contrast colors for some striking dimension. Obviously an angled brush is great for this job. A good contour brush is what you use to precisely add your deeper tones or highlights in bold color streaks that hold.

Contour with: Antonym Contour Brush($21)








A shadow brush should be rounded, ideal for building color with a precise, small bristle. For more precision opt for a smaller brush that is tapered for line work. Get a brush with longer bristles to really apply lush amounts of color. Remember to check the bristle density, as a more compact bristle structure will hold and apply more product.

Shade with: Antonym Small Eye Shader Brush($14)Antonym Medium Long Eye Shader Brush($16)Antonym Large Eye Shader Brush






This tool is your finishing touch to your look. A blending brush there to buff out and soften color, blending make-up into your complexion for a natural look. The brush should be light, with fluffy bristle to gently blend shadows, highlight, or whatever else you have going for a smooth finish.

Blend with: Antonym Blending Brush($15)Tigi Blending Brush($15)


Angled brushes give you precise, clean lines that are must for a polished look. This brush is especially great for applying eyeliner, but also works great with eye shadows and creams. The bristles should be dense, flat, and sharp for the best linework. 

Line with: Antonym Small Angled Brush($13), TIGI Angle Brush($12)

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