February 18, 2012

Zoya True Collection, New for Spring 2012!

Check out the new True Collection by Zoya! This collection showcases 3 creamy and 3 Soft and metallic spring shades! We are excited to introduce the following 6 colors: Cho - Opaque yellow with a hint of soft peachy beige silver shimmer Farah - An opaque light khaki-beige Bevin - A sage green with teal tones and a creamy finish Skylar - A soft steel-blue with speckled gold and silver shimmer Lotus - A very soft blue toned grape purple Tru - A saturated red-tone purple with speckled shimmer These look a bit different on the nail than in the bottle, so here are some color samples for comparison: Fashion thought! It can be somewhat time-consuming to have to change your nail color with each outfit! However, these neutral creamy shades can go with almost any Spring wardrobe! Less hassle, more fashion please! Click here to start shopping!