March 25, 2014

Spring into Aspen Bay Candles!

Spring time is here and we are loving it! What makes Spring Time so good you ask?  Aspen Bay Candles, they come in so many different scents. Our Spring Favorites are Volcano and Aloha Orchid. candle   Aspen Bay candles ($30)are a great addition to any home. With many scents to choose from, these candles are light, airy and smell delicious! The cool thing about these candles, besides their awesome scent, is the fact that the wax is made from soy products, the glass is hand-blown,  and the lid is made from recycled products - all made right here in the good ole USA!  So not only is the candle going to make your house smell fresh and clean, but it's environmentally friendly too!   What they smell like: Volcano - Volcano has a sweet, island-y smell, that is reminiscent of vacation living.  It makes us feel like we're sitting in a hammock somewhere in Hawaii surrounded by tropical trees and fruits  (though we've never been). Shop Now! Only $30 Aloha Orchid - This scent is more mild than that of Volcano but is just as nice and just as tropical.  The name sends us back to Hawaii but the subtle scent reminds us of a rainforest - clean and fresh. Shop Now!  Only $30