July 06, 2012

To All Of You Nail Polish Lovers! Venique Desire the Desired Collection 2012!

Venique just came out with their Desire the Desired collection fresh for summer! We love the mix between bolds and neutrals to make this collection versatile for everyday fashion decisions! We think the Havanah Glam would be a great polish to pair with white  shorts and a dark brown top; you have yourself a fresh and simple approach to “polish” off a classic look. We want to know one thing; does your nail polish talk to you? Ours does! Night Walker says “wear me with your favorite little black dress and heels”. Make a statement with Venique polishes, a little flare, similar to a belt or a pair of earnings, can make a big difference!   Venique Nail Lacquer is made with a Sil-Tek, a silicone-based ingredient that causes the polish to be flexible, preventing annoying chipping and peeling of your polish. If that isn’t enough, Sil-Tek works with a diamond dust ingredient to give your nails a beautiful shiny, glamorous finish! Throw on one coat and it will dry in 4 minutes! Now that’s a polish that says “I’m ready to go if you are”. Only $7.50 a bottle, start shopping now!