April 20, 2009

Showin' Some Love for Mother Earth

From special webcasts and tree plantings to energy workshops and picnics, people all over the world are taking action for Earth Day. There are so many ways to say "Thanks!" to the earth and spread the important message of environmental consciousness. What are your plans for Earth Day? Wondering how to make a difference? Here are a few easy ways to get involved and celebrate our planet:
  • Organize an Earth Hour in your community. Get everyone you know to turn out their lights for an hour on Earth Day.
  • Volunteer at a nature conservancy, local park, or even an elderly neighbors yard. Till the Earth while you till your benevolence!
  • Learn about E-cycling and Free-cycle programs in your community. Share the information with friends and family.
  • Find and join a tree planting event. These types of events are usually free and easy to find on Earth Day!
  • Walk to work or wherever you can all day long. Leave your car keys behind and start strutting today to make an even bigger impact!
  • Brown bag your lunch. Try to use as little wrapping as possible, recycle left over packaging, chose healthy foods and buy them locally.
These are just a few activities you can get involved in. Check out the Earth Day Network at www.earthday.net to find local and global events, activities, and other ways to make a difference. Beauty of a Site wants to help you go green on Earth Day - check out these earth friendly products:
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