December 04, 2009

Serendipity 3's Luscious Famous Frrozen Hot Chocolate

[caption id="attachment_630" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Serendipity 3 Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Mix"]Serendipity 3 Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Mix[/caption] Beloved by New Yorkers, celebrities, chocolate lovers and even Oprah, Serendipity 3's famous Hot Chocolate Mix has changed the face of hot chocolate forever. Creating a luscious frozen slushy concoction, Serendipity 3's ice cream bar-inspired location in NY has become world renown for this special frozen hot chocolate drink. Their famous hot chocolate mix (available for purchase here) includes 14 types of chocolate and exotic cocoas. Yum. This fun and inventive twist on standard hot chocolate is perfect for holiday parties, gifts and relaxing afternoons. Use this recipe to make it at home!
  1. In a steel blad mixer, combine 1/2 cupmilke, 1/2 cup Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Mix and 1 1/2 cups ice.
  2. Cover and blend on medium to desired consistency.
  3. Pour mixture into large goblet or glass & top with whipped cream & chocolate shavings.
  4. Sip through large straw or scoop with a spoon.
  5. For a little extra punch, add a jigger of Kahlua or vodka. (Yum again.)
Make some and tell us how it is!!