May 22, 2009

Radiant Color All Summer Long

Summer is one of my favorite seasons to have fun with my hair color.  I can't resist the way new hair color shines in the sun! But, like many woman have found, summer is definitely one of the hardest seasons to keep color from fading between salon visits. How do I keep my color from fading with all the heat, sun and chlorine?  Here's some of our suggestions for protecting your color-treated hair like a pro.

Radiant Color- All Summer Long!

  1. Use a color enhancing shampoo to give your hair color a little extra vibrancy between colorings.  We suggest ClayPac Color Enhancing Shampoos & Moisturizers.  We have found these to be THE MOST effective color enhancing products.  They're fantastic!
  2. Choose styling products that are specifically designed to protect color from heat & sun.  Tigi Fashionista products, for example, are formulated to add luster to colored hair and protect it from sun exposure, chlorine and the everyday damage of blow dryers & irons.  Even when you're out of the sun, some of the worst damage you can do is from the heated styling tools you use everyday.  Spritz & Shine Heat Safe Styler is a great multi-use styler to try!
  3. Finally, make sure you treat your hair right after a long day in the sun.  Try a restorative spray like Rene Furterer's After Sun Moisture Spray.  Products like these give your hair quick hydration to keep it from getting dry & damaged.  We carry several lines of products specifically designed for this sort of repair- check out Rene Furterer (here) & Phyto Plage (here).
  4. Drink water.  First your doctor, then your mother and now we are telling you that water truly is soo important to keeping your body healthy. It's important to remember  that the drying effects of the sun on your hair can even be fought by keeping your body sufficiently hydrated.  Keeping your hair hydrated can ultimately help it retain color longer.
Have any other tips for long-lasting hair color? Please share!