October 03, 2010

OPI Holiday Burlesque SWATCHES! Part 1

So you've probably heard the rumor and seen the promo pics- OPI's HOliday collection is themes after the new movie Burlesque, starring Cher and Christina Aquilara.  We have great news:  WE HAVE SWATCHES! This blog is part 1 of our Burlesque debut.  Check back for more updates!  Here's the full collection! OPI Holiday Burlesque Nail Lacquer Collection October 2010 Six shimmering solids are bright, sexy and incredibly fun.  There are no words for their glittery counterparts; they offer glam, glitz, the whole shebang! Reminiscent of OPI's Alice in Wonderland glitters from earlier this year, we are already anticipating these being the "it" colors for Holiday 2010! I need to admit it: I love dark colors, so I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this collection.  I immediately loved OPI Tease-y Does It, a burgundy / brown / mocha shimmer, with a base very much like OPI's Espresso Your Style with the addition of a more burgundy-tinted shimmer: OPI Tease-Y Does It Burlesque Nail Lacquer One of the boldest colors from the collection is OPI Rising Star.  A super warm orange guaranteed to be a burst of sunshine on your chilly holiday, OPI Rising Star is actually quite beautiful, even on my light skin tone.  If you sport a beautiful bronze tan, this will look gorgeous! OPI Rising Star Burlesque Holiday 2010 Nail Lacquer Now, the non-solid polishes from this collection are seriously glittery.  Like, I'm talking chunky rough pieces of glitter.  The effect truly is dazzling and cutting edge- perfect for a night out, perhaps even a glittering New Year's Eve party! Because of the nature of the polish, multiple layers are DEFINITELY necessary.  In fact, I achieved the best coverage when I applied the polish in chunks, and then spread it evenly before it dried.  Here is OPI Sparkle-icious in 1, 2 and 3 coats:
OPI Sparkle-icious Burlesque Holiday 2010 Nail Polish OPI Sparkle-icious Burlesque Holiday 2010 Nail lacquer
OPI Sparkle-icious
As you can see, the sparkle-y polishes really could function well as top coats. To experiment a little bit, I applied OPI Rising Star as a gold base, and then topped the polish with OPI Extra-va-vaganza! in a single layer, to act as a glitter top coat. Here is the pretty beautiful result: OPI Extra-va-vaganza! Burlesque Holiday 2010 Keep checking back for more swatches and updates about the availability of this limited time polish! At Beauty of a Site, we're accepting pre-orders RIGHT NOW- claim your polish today!  Click here!!