September 10, 2009

OPI Halloween Nail Polishes- Tattoo Ta-Boo Nail Art!

* Looking for the 2010 Halloween nail polish?  Click here. Tattoo Ta-Boo OPI Nail Polish OPI's Tattoo Ta-Boo Mini Halloween Nail Lacquers are quite possibly the cutest thing around our office right now.  Nothing's more fun than letting loose with nail polish a little bit, and with these bright colors- even a glow in the dark one!- this is our perfect opportunity. And let's be honest- what's more fun than glow in the dark? Oh- glow in the dark nail art- that's what. Check out OPI's suggestions for some super-fun Halloween manicures: OPI Halloween Nail Art And for those of us are beginners (come on... can YOU do that!?), here's some step by step instructions for simpler designs from OPI, right off the back of the box:
Eyes On you

Eyes On You Design

1. Start with two coats of Glow-ink the Dark polish. 2.  Use OPI I Love Mummy to make different sized white circles all over the nail. 3.  Carefully dot each white circle with OPI Witch Arm? to make the pupils. (Or cheat, and use a sharpie!)
Tip or Treat

Tip or Treat

1. Start with two coats of Tattoo You Want Candy polish. 2. Use Witch Arm? to french tip your nails.  (Need some French Tip help? Use these nail guides.) 3. Make three small circles near the nail bed using Witch Arm?.  (Again, we might use a Sharpie).

Be Mine FrankensteinBe Mine, Frankenstein

1. Start with two coats of Glow-ink the Dark polish. 2. Use I Love Mummy to make the stitches. Luckly, the design totally doesn't require straight lines. 3. Make a bunch of small dots using Tattoo You Want Candy? Fun!
Give them a shot and let us know what you think!