February 14, 2013

OPI EURO Centrale Collection - It's Here!

OPI Euro Centrale Collection - Inspired by Europe's trendiest regions 

Euro Coll

With Spring peeking it's head around the corner, we can't help but think about warmer temps and sunnier days! We noticed that glitter and bronze were two big trends in this past Winter's nail collections.  With the OPI Euro Collection, we are seeing the colors getting a facelift and making their way into the Spring series as well,  with colors like Oy Another Polish Joke and Polka.com.

The bronzed look is popular every Spring because who doesn't want that perfect sun kissed tan? We all do! Bronze and Golds are a great way to spice up   our nails, and look great on most any skin tone?

Shades like yellow have a variety of shades and hues, but we like yellow tones because they are bright, fun and they remind us of the sun! It doesn't matter if you are a blond or a brunette, yellow is a great accent piece for clothing, nails and accessories.  Very bold!

Colors like Oy Another Polish Joke and A Woman's Praguative are great everyday shades, that are very neutral and versatile.  Two of our favorite shades from the collection are the beautiful pale blue of Can't find my Czeck book, and the lovely lavender color of You're Such a Budahpest.  Even if Winter hangs around a little longer, these shades are sure to inspire happy thoughts!

This collection was inspired by Europe's trendiest regions, but what are the trends in places like the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and Poland?

We noticed that a lot of the colors in these areas are found in the Euro Collection. It's just easier to understand the comparison when you have an image to compare it to! We love these shades!

euro fahions

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