July 23, 2009

Off the Bridal Shower Bandwagon: Unique Gifts for the Bride

I used to think that summer was all about vacations, warm nights & sunny days, but the older I get, I'm finding that the weekends of my summer are filled with weddings.  And with all of my friends getting married, there seem to be constant bridal showers to attend!  If you're like me, you're coming down with the wedding registry blues, and you're ready to give the bride something she'll love! Here are some of our from-our-experience tips on getting the bride the perfect, unique gift. [caption id="attachment_403" align="alignright" width="156" caption="Get Fresh Memories of Paris Bubble Bath"]Get Fresh Memories of Paris Bubble Bath[/caption] 1.  Preparing for a wedding is stressful.  Each bride could really use a break and time to relax more than anything.  Though rest and relaxation don't fit too well in a box, a spa gift certificate does!  Send the bride-to-be for a day of stress-free pampering! 2.  A complete Breakfast-in-Bed kit for her and her fiance to enjoy on the honeymoon and beyond!  Include cute & comfy pajamas, a bed tray, a pair of plastic place settings and cups that won't spill in a carefully arranged basket.  How thoughtful! 3.  A beautiful bottle of bubble bath.  The Get Fresh Memories of Paris Bubble Bath is our favorite shower gift to give, because the bubbles are not only scented like a romantic bouquet of flowers, but the gorgeous glass bottle is simply beautiful! A luxurious bath is something a girl never grows out of! 4.  A photo calendar featuring photos of the bride and groom to be!  If you're close enough to the bride to be able to sneak around her computer (of her fiance is willing to help!), collect 20-30 photos of the couple to make into a photo calendar.  Include their families' important birthdays, anniversaries and little notes to make their first year together special. How are you keeping up with all of your bridal showers?  Have any good gift ideas to pass along?  Please share!