May 15, 2010

Nightly Routine for Glowing Skin

Plank Cor Silver Bar SoapWrapped in shimmery silver and black, this odd brown looking soap hardly looks like the miracle we've all found it to be.  Each Cor Silver Soap looks like this: the funny color, in a thick circular shape, and hardly any different than any bar of soap you've ever used.  But the results, dear friends, are far from ordinary. The staff of Beauty of a Site have all tried Cor, and every single one of us that has tried it-- young'uns fresh out of college, hard working women of their thirties, dear mothers and grandmas-- has absolutely loved the results they've seen.  Each lady reported a tighter, brighter skin tone, featuring a healthy glow, a slightly smoother complexion and a gradual evening of spots and scars, even controlling breakouts.  The soap's miracle ingredient, silver, has a bacteria fighting quality whose results are truly unmatched in the skincare industry. Here is the tried and true nightly routine that we have all adopted for maintaining these great results: 1.  Wet face and hands.  Work up a lather of Cor soap.  A little bit goes a long way, so you'll only need a bit off the bar to actually get the lather going. 2.  Apply soap to damp face, working the soap into the skin all over face.  Do take care to avoid your eyes! 3.  Let the soap sit.  Give the soap about a minute to do some intense cleaning.  Tidy your bathroom sink, brush your teeth - do whatever you want to do - but make sure and give the active ingredients some time to do magic. 4.  Rinse your face thoroughly, perhaps using a wash cloth.  Notice the tightening you'll already be able to feel - the soap is working! 5.  For any problem areas or breakouts, leave a bit of Cor soap on the spot overnight.  Be amazed by the progress you'll see in healing by the next morning. 6.  Keep up your routine.  You'll see some small results immediately, but the best and fullest results come with repeated use. Cor Silver Soap Interested in trying Cor soap, but not sure about the investment?  Start out by purchasing the travel sized bar for only $14!  This small bar will go a long way, and is definitely enough of the soap to help you see all of the stages of benefits before investing in the larger bars.  See all of the Cor skincare products here.