September 19, 2010

Need Help Applying Falsies?

How to Apply False EyelashesWho doesn't!? Applying false eyelashes can seem pretty daunting, and without some tips, it can be a big fat mess.  But never fear- when done properly (and when you have the know-how) it's a breeze and looks great every time! 1.  First things first- trip 'em up!  False eyelashes are one size fits all, so to make sure that they look natural on your face, trim them to the exact size and shape of your eyes.  Feel free to adjust the length of the individual lashes and the density of the group to get the look you're wanting. 2. Don't over-glue.  Glue is the "scariest" part about applying your own lashes, but it doesn't have to be.  Squeeze out a little bit of the glue onto a paper towel, a sponge or even the back of your hand, and carefully dip the edge of the falsies into the glob, getting just enough glue on the lashes.  This way, glue stays on the lashes and can't drip where it shouldn't be. 3. Make sure to mascara!  The best trick for getting your false lashes to stay put is by applying mascara very carefully after your lashes are firmly dried in place.  By applying mascara over both your natural and false lashes, the normal adhesion of the mascara holds both groups of lashes together and makes them blend perfectly, for extra hold and a perfect match! 4.  Get gutsy.  The best part about false eyelashes is their ability to give you a totally new look.  Try thicker, thinner, more colorful, more dramatic or sexier lashes to fit your mood, costume or plans!  Here are our suggestions for the best lashes for your style: Sexy: Eye Candy Strip Lashes, $9 Gaga-style party: Tinsel Town Strip Lashes, $9 Dramatic: Been Around Strip Lashes, $9 Natural: Black Sweeties Invisi-band Lashes, $6.50 Classic: Black Demi Wispies Invisi-band Lashes, $6.50 Click here to browse all of these sexy lashes!