April 23, 2011

My Very Own Tropical Paradise

Nouveau Paris Les Fleurs Tropical Mist Eau de ParfumBest part of my job: getting to try out new products.  When a bag of goodies arrived on my doorstep this month, it included this gem: a sample of Tropical Mist Eau de Parfum from Nouveau Paris. One of the "Les Fleurs" perfumes now available for purchase at Beauty of a Site, Tropical Mist has become my perfume of choice.  I'm a huge fan of Kai perfume, and have enjoyed the Hawaiian-inspired formula for years, but the additional layer of citrus in Tropical Mist has totally captured my attention. Fresh florals layered with luscious tropical fruit provides a unique feminine fragrance, comfortably subtle yet breathtakingly seductive.  A floral note of fresh violets is accented with a gorgeous layer of intoxicating fruit, including sweet guava, bergamot orange and aromatic yuzu. Intoxicating and mysterious, I highly recommend Tropical Mist. Click here to browse all of the Nouveau Paris perfumes, or to purchase Tropical Mist for yourself!
eau de parfum Fragrance guava les fleurs nouveau paris violet yuzu