October 15, 2009

Love Essential Oils? Try Macadamia.

Infused with argan oil, macadamia goodness and nature's most nourishing botanicals, Macadamia Natural Oil products are everything we've ever hoped for. Extremely nourishing for hair that dry or damaged (or even normal hair that's had a rough week), Macadamia's healing formula tames frizz, increases shine, moisturizes, detangles, manages and calms- everything you need to get that perfect runway sheen. Macadamia Natural Oil Products One of our favorite things about the Macadamia products is how stinking adorably they are packaged.  Who doesn't love grabbing a bottle out of the shower with that's as spunky and beautiful as what's inside?  And these products smell AMAZING.  With hints of the macadamia nuttiness and the warm fragrances of argan oil from Morocco, these essential oil-packed products make any shower feel way luxurious.  And that's how we like it. Shop all Macadamia products here!