May 22, 2010

Looking forward to Carrie-ing On

Flirty, fun and fabulous, everybody at Beauty of a Site is terribly excited to see the newest Sex in the City movie. The fashion alone makes the movie worthwhile, but there is so much to be excited about: 1. The scenes that take place in Abu Dhabi: Set in the exotic middle east, this part of the movie was actually filmed in Morocco. The interesting landscape and gorgeous palette of desert colors allowed designers and stylists to go crazy with Carrie and the girls. We can't wait to see all of their interesting creations. Sex in the City 2 2. The shoes: We love these shoes. Though some of us aren't as talented as the SATC stars at pulling them off, just imagining owning such adorable and classy shoes is so much fun. Carrie's gold Christian Louboutins are GORGEOUS and totally the talk of the business. Drooling. Read more about the shoes at Cosmo's site, here. 3. Carrie's hair: Carrie is always sporting a style that is bold and beautiful. Her stylists defy conventional boundaries to create truly unique and innovative hair styles that redefine the way stylists do hair. With turbans and desert sands to work with, we can't wait to see what her designers come up with. 4.  Aiden Shaw: Yum.  For all the team Aiden fans out there, it's your time! Looking to keep up with all the newest gossip?  Sign up for our email newsletter here to keep up with the fabulous four's celebrity looks!  Also, check out the Sex and the City 2 Movie Fansite - it's got all the juicy stuff.  :) Check out tips for achieving these stars' beautiful looks at our Steal the Look profile section. Click here to check it out!