March 12, 2011

Looking for the Perfect Tweeze?

Before you go out tonight, give your brows a shape up.  Here are some pro tips for beautiful, quick brows: 1. Comb your eyebrows upward before you start, so that you're working with a uniform brow. 2. While a set of quality tweezers will help you get all of the stray hairs under your natural brow line, an at home waxing kit will help you control the downy extras between your brows and around the outside of your eyes.  We suggest Tweezerman's Speedy Tweeze for normal plucking and the Moom Face Kit (only $7!) for waxing. How-To Pluck Your Own Eyebrows3. Identify where your eyebrows should begin by placing a brush or pencil alongside the edge of your nose, vertically.  Anything on the other side of the brush needs to be plucked.  Place the same tool at the corner of your nose diagonally toward the outside of your eye.  Where the pencil hits the brow marks the natural end.  Pluck anything outside of this area. 4.  After plucking, dab milk (oh yes, you totally heard me right) over the plucked area to reduce swelling and calm your skin.  This will help to quickly reduce redness. 5.  To get a more uniform brow, * carefully * pluck out any hair that refuses to be shaped, is an off color or is longer than those in the surrounding area.  Do this only when completely necessary. Then, fill in any gaps with an eyebrow pencil, or an eyebrow mousse (like this one).