December 06, 2013

Let the Shopping Begin!

The last few weeks before Christmas can be very stressful trying to find the perfect present for your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Let us help you out with some great gift ideas! These Christmas soaps are the perfect present that captures Christmas time! christmassoap Joyeux Noel Belgian Christmas Soap, Holiday Pixie ($4.50 ) is made with a coconut, vanilla, and cedar creamy blend. The Pixie Soap will delight your senses with its enchanting scent and wonderful bubbles. Click Here to Shop The Swedish Dream Christmas Soap ($8) is a creamy white holiday soap is shaped like a snowdome and embossed with the Christmas tree. The high-spirited scents of cinnamon, apple spice, and lavender. Click Here to Shop Joyeux Noel Belgian Christmas Soap, Holiday Elf ($4.50) is made with a raspberry, apple, vanilla and clove holiday blend. Magically made in a place called Vonderland where all the pixies and elves live. Click Here to Shop